December 2, 2023


We would like to list all information about WordPress in this page. You can find latest info about the Development and much more just by visiting this place. We dedicated this page to write more information about WordPress and how to manage it. Basically, if you want to get more detailed info about blogging and creating sites using WordPress, this is the first place you need to visit.

What is WordPress

We have more detailed info about it in the post available at the bottom of this page. WordPress is quite popular nowadays and so much popular sites were using it.

Why Choose WordPress

This is quite common question we often get from anyone whom decide to create their first site. We have explained the reasons in some pages in this site. Basically, WordPress is chosen because it is so easy and already optimized for so much purposes.

How good WordPress compared to others

WordPress was used by lots of popular sites. There are lots of reports if WordPress is the most used platform to build sites. Lets just search for something in popular Search Engine like as Google and Bing, it is likely half or more of sites in the first page were using WordPress. WordPress is quite popular because it is super easy to use and manage. Due to that reason, WordPress has been good choice for anyone rather than other similar Content Management System.

Why use WordPress

They use it because WP is already optimized to be used for any purposes. WP can be used to build anything from simple personal blog to complex news sites. What make it very popular are: it has minimum requirement to be installed, easy to manage and supported by huge selection of themes and plugins. They use WordPress to stay on the top of competition. Anyone whom willing to stay one step ahead of the competition should consider WordPress as the Content Management System.

Installing WordPress

To use it, we just need to click install button available in your control panel. WordPress then automatically installed and could be used in no times. It is so easy to install it and require no programming knowledge. Most Web Hosting companies already have WordPress in the list of Popular and Most used CMS.

Updating WordPress

It is so easy to update WP, just click the update button and everything will be done automatically. The developer already aware if outdated installation may vulnerable to many things. All user could update their installation to the latest version just with single click in their admin dashboard. In the latest version, even WordPress could update itself to the latest version automatically. For anyone whom concern with security, WordPress is the first choice of blogging platform.

Using WordPress

To use it, you just need to open Admin Dashboard and navigate to ‘Post’ and click ‘Add new’. For anyone whom familiar with Word Processor such as Microsoft Office Word or Open Office, it is so easy to use WordPress editor. Creating new post and page is so easy that everyone could do it by themselves.

Installing Plugins

To install plugins, you just need to navigate ‘Plugins’ menu and click ‘Add New’. Lots of popular and most used plugins were available to be installed. You just need to click ‘Install’ and the plugins will be available for your site. It is so easy, isn’t it?

Choosing Themes

Navigate to ‘Appearance‘ and click ‘Themes’. Press the ‘Add New’ button and you could find huge selection of themes available for so many purposes.


To summarize everything, WordPress is blogging platform which already optimized for so many purposes. It is quite popular and used by most sites available in internet. using WordPress is so easy that anyone could use it without much efforts. There are lots of plugins and themes which can be installed in no times. WordPress could update installation automatically to enhance security. Basically, WP should be the first choice to build your dream site.

Admin username and Password

How to Configure WordPress

WordPress need to be configured properly before it could be used as blogging platform. The way to configure WordPress depend on so many factors. Each WP configuration should be unique and different each other. It is recommended to configure WordPress with the best configuration to make it work as expected. In this page, we would like to show you on how …

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Fast WordPress setup

When to use WordPress

WordPress is awesome content management system which could be used for any purposes. We have selected few important reasons on when we supposed to use WordPress and why we need it. You should use WordPress only when you really need it. So, when will you need it? There is no quick answer for this but if you want what I …

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Automatic and manual WordPress Instalation

How to Install WordPress

Here is an easy step by step tutorial on how to install WordPress easily and quickly. We have complete guidelines to help you create your WordPress blog. Installing WordPress may sound easy but configuring it to run fast and smooth require lots of attention. This is why this page exist, to help you setup and configure your WordPress blog correctly. …

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WP Theme Preview

Why Choose WordPress

In this article, we would like to explain important reasons why we recommend WordPress as blogging and Content Management System (CMS). We have used WordPress for Blogging, e-Commerce, Forum and much more for several years. Basically, we impressed with how WP work and write this post to share our experience. So, why choose WordPress? WordPress is Simple It has very simple …

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Develop WordPress

What Is WordPress

It is powerful and optimized blogging platform which evolved into awesome Content Management System. WordPress is popular due to huge list of plugins which could enhance its capability and lots of free beautiful themes for any purposes. WordPress Meaning The Word ‘WordPress’ comes from two simple words: ‘Word’ and ‘Press’. ‘Word’ basically mean ‘Opinion’ and ‘press’ mean ‘expressing something to …

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Develop WordPress

WordPress Definition

WordPress is quite popular for anyone whom love blogging. It has been a good choice for anyone whom willing to create simple blog and also could be used to create complex news sites. Basically, WordPress has been good choice for anything. What is WordPress So, What is WordPress? Is it just a blogging tool as what other people said? Or …

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