December 2, 2023

What Is WordPress

It is powerful and optimized blogging platform which evolved into awesome Content Management System. WordPress is popular due to huge list of plugins which could enhance its capability and lots of free beautiful themes for any purposes.

WordPress Meaning

The Word ‘WordPress’ comes from two simple words: ‘Word’ and ‘Press’. ‘Word’ basically mean ‘Opinion’ and ‘press’ mean ‘expressing something to public’. So, WordPress mean ‘sharing our idea with public’. There is more info about it in “WordPress Definition“.

What is WP

WordPress is often called as WP. WP itself is a short-name of WordPress. The term WP is often used in public discussion such as forum or groups.

Why it is named WordPress

Matt Mullenweg (WordPress founder) uses the name WordPress as suggested by his friend (Christine Selleck Tremoulet).

WordPress Blog

WP was designed to be a blogging platform. It is a fork of B2, a simple blogging platform which created in 2001. As blogging platform, WP was developed with simplicity  and security as first concern. During the development, lots of features have been added to improve its capabilities. Blogging has become easier with WordPress because it is so simple and has all features needed for blogging. In just few years, WP has become the Most Popular and Most Used Blogging Platform.

What is WordPress Blog

It is blog which designed with WordPress platform. Anyone could install it from Hosting Control Panel and design it as their wishes. WordPress Blog usually has footer text “powered by WordPress”.

What is WordPress Multisite

It is single installation of WordPress which could be used for lots of domains. Basically, we could have multiple different blogs with just one WordPress. It has lots of benefits such as the ability to manage multiple blog under one administration board (admin page) and fewer disk space usage. Admin could add as many domain as their wishes and could select any themes or plugins which could be used by any user.

What make WordPress unique

Because it already optimized out-of-the-box and has better navigation system. Most crawl such as Bots (Search Engine Spider) and readers could navigate and browse any content easily. It also has lots of themes and Plugins which is useful to make unique website. WordPress is unique because it so easy to install and manage. It has lots of features which are not available in any other platforms.

Why Blogging with WordPress

Because it is so easy to use and offer awesome features. Many webmasters stated they enjoy using it after migrating from another platform. WP has better security than the others. Plugins and themes are two important factors which make it even powerful.

Review Overview

WordPress is popular blogging Platform
WordPress is already SEO-Optimized
WP has simple interface
It has lots of free themes
Many powerful plugins available for free
WP could be used for anything
WP is used by popular news sites

WP Definition

Definition and explanation of WordPress

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