December 2, 2023

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This site is meant to discuss WordPress and any related information about it. There are some limitations which everyone should understand.

  1. We only discuss latest version of WordPress. Any articles written in this page is designed for the latest version unless we specified the otherwise.
  2. If we didn’t specify for what version the articles is designed, it is safe to assume if the article is made for the latest version of WordPress.
  3. We would try to update the articles to reflect latest version of WordPress as fast as possible.
  4. If there is any part of the article which is not correct or didn’t suitable with latest version of WordPress, we encourage everyone to report it via Contact Us above. Please use suitable title as the subject.
  5. All articles available in this page is written based on our limited experiences. It is not an official guides and should not being treated that way. We have the rights to modify and delete one or all articles at any times.
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We provide everything “as is”. All materials or contents in this site has to be used carefully. We didn’t responsible for any damage which may occur by using information available in this site. We already checked all information carefully but typographical, or photographic errors may occurs in this site. We encourage everyone to always seek for more info from various sources. While the information available in this site work for most people, it doesn’t mean it will work for the others. Always do the test first before applying the information in live website.


In one or more pages, there maybe a link or more to another sites. We have checked the link while the page or information was created but we couldn’t checked if it is being changed or modified at anytime. “Developing WP” is not responsible for contents of any such linked site. Use of any such linked web site is at the user’s own risk.


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Governing Law

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