September 23, 2023

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You could read various useful information about WordPress including History, Development and much more. We have selected the best articles which cover all information about WordPress in this page. If you require more info about WP, this is the best place you should visit and bookmark.


WordPress is the most popular Blogging and Content Management System chosen by internet community. however, not all people know the history of this powerful application. WordPress is the successor of B2 which was started in 2001. WordPress began in 2003 and became the most used and popular platform after ten years it was started.


Developing WordPress is not an easy task. It was started from very simple blogging platform and evolved into powerful Content Management System in the following years after it was started. It didn’t turn into the best blogging platform automatically. In fact, it is the Developer whom working really hard which make WordPress become the best choice for anyone.

WordPress was started by few talented person and then lots of great developers join the team. Since then, lots of codes have been produced and WP turn into  what we could see today. If we would like to show our gratitude, we should consider thanking all developers.

How to Use WordPress

using it is simple and I believe anyone could realize their dream just by using WordPress. You just need to install it through any of your Hosting Control Panel and access WP through your domain. Installing it is super easy and take less time.

WordPress has better interface which make it so simple to write and publish articles. If you want very simple or complex website, you may consider WP because it has convenient interface and simplicity.

What Make WordPress Exclusive

WP is an excellent Blogging and Content Management System which already optimized out of the box. It work perfectly with any Search engine and have all features we really need. The latest version have lots of improvements such as auto update and better post and page creation. Everything have been designed as what we want. If it isn’t exclusive, I don’t know what to call it.

When to use WordPress

Use WP only if you want your site to be optimized at Maximum level. WP is already SEO-Optimized. It has all features you need and there are lots of room for improvements as well.

If you want your site to be elegant and different than the others, you could use unique theme designed only for your site. Alternatively, you could select any themes which available for free in WP Themes Repository. To enhance functionality of your site, select any plugins which is available for free at Plugins Repository. You should consider WordPress only if you want your site to  stand out in the competition or wish to make it as beautiful and elegant as possible.

Why I need WordPress

You need WordPress because it is designed for everyone and have awesome features which is not available in another platform/CMS. It is so easy to build your first site and design it as your wish. WP is backed up by lots of talented developers and updated frequently.

How to Configure WordPress

Admin username and Password

WordPress need to be configured properly before it could be used as blogging platform. The way to configure WordPress depend on so many factors. Each WP configuration should be unique and different each other. It is recommended to configure WordPress with the best configuration to make it work as expected. In this page, we would like to show you on how …

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When to use WordPress

Fast WordPress setup

WordPress is awesome content management system which could be used for any purposes. We have selected few important reasons on when we supposed to use WordPress and why we need it. You should use WordPress only when you really need it. So, when will you need it? There is no quick answer for this but if you want what I …

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How to Install WordPress

Automatic and manual WordPress Instalation

Here is an easy step by step tutorial on how to install WordPress easily and quickly. We have complete guidelines to help you create your WordPress blog. Installing WordPress may sound easy but configuring it to run fast and smooth require lots of attention. This is why this page exist, to help you setup and configure your WordPress blog correctly. …

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Why Choose WordPress

WP Theme Preview

In this article, we would like to explain important reasons why we recommend WordPress as blogging and Content Management System (CMS). We have used WordPress for Blogging, e-Commerce, Forum and much more for several years. Basically, we impressed with how WP work and write this post to share our experience. So, why choose WordPress? WordPress is Simple It has very simple …

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What Is WordPress

Develop WordPress

It is powerful and optimized blogging platform which evolved into awesome Content Management System. WordPress is popular due to huge list of plugins which could enhance its capability and lots of free beautiful themes for any purposes. WordPress Meaning The Word ‘WordPress’ comes from two simple words: ‘Word’ and ‘Press’. ‘Word’ basically mean ‘Opinion’ and ‘press’ mean ‘expressing something to …

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WordPress Definition

Develop WordPress

WordPress is quite popular for anyone whom love blogging. It has been a good choice for anyone whom willing to create simple blog and also could be used to create complex news sites. Basically, WordPress has been good choice for anything. What is WordPress So, What is WordPress? Is it just a blogging tool as what other people said? Or …

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