December 2, 2023

WordPress Definition

WordPress is quite popular for anyone whom love blogging. It has been a good choice for anyone whom willing to create simple blog and also could be used to create complex news sites. Basically, WordPress has been good choice for anything.

What is WordPress

So, What is WordPress? Is it just a blogging tool as what other people said? Or it is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) which able to do anything as what we want?

Well, there is no straight answer for this as WordPress always evolve. It was started as simple blogging platform in 2003 and have changed into complex Content Management System several years after. Today, WordPress has been a great choice for anyone whom willing to create simple personal blog and also big news site with million of daily visitors.

WordPress Explained

Develop WordPress
Developing WordPress

Once again, what is WordPress? Is it a something we really need if we want to build successful website? Building a site require lots of programming knowledge such as HTML, PHP, CSS and much more. Learning all those language require lots of time and that is why we need tool which is easy to use and manage at the same times. Imagine having a tool or application which is so simple to install and easy to use. This is why we need WordPress. A blogging Platform which I prefer calling it as Blogging Application. WordPress is relatively super easy to install and require no programming knowledge to use it. Everything was so easy that inserting images and videos are so easy. Even anyone whom never had a website could use and operate it. Thanks to WordPress Developer whom creating such awesome blogging platform. We don’t need to learn programming languages if we decide to use WordPress. Plus, we can design anything with it. We could create simple and awesome personal blog or build very nice and popular website in just few simple steps.

Why use WordPress

Is it true WordPress is that easy and awesome? I am writing this post no to market it but rather to introduce it to the whole world. WordPress is a platform you may need to build your dream sites. It has built-in system which allow you to install any themes and plugins without much efforts. You don’t even need to upload the files through FTP because everything is automatic. By using awesome theme, you could make your site look like as what you want. You could designed very nice site with superb layout or you could make it look like as your favorite sites. You can do this just by selecting specific theme and install it in your WordPress installation. To do this, you just need to press install on your favorite themes. You can even install plugins to make your WordPress site works as expected. By using extraordinary plugins, your site can do anything just like as what you want it. What make it incredible is, the plugins are available for you through your admin interface. Just install it and it will be available for your site automatically.

Definition of WordPress

So, once again, what is WordPress? In my opinion, WordPress is blogging platform which is able to make our dream come true. It is super easy to install and require less time to manage. WordPress has handy built-in system which make everything look easier. Thanks to WP Developer whom spent so much times Developing WordPress.


In conclusion, WordPress is another blogging Platform which could be used for any purposes such as creating simple site or building popular website. It was created with user-friendly concern as first priority. You can use it to build anything. The limit is your only imagination, that is what most expert said out-there.

Review Overview

WordPress is Open-source
It written in PHP language
It uses Database to store content
Powerful and easiest CMS and blogging platform
Most popular blogging and website platform
Most used and favorite platform chosen by online communities
It is free for evryone
Developed by lots of talented developers worldwide
Has lots of themes to choose from
Various powerful plugins for everyone

WordPress Definition

Definition of WordPress based on self-experiences

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  1. WordPress Developer

    In my opinion, WordPress is popular because it is well-coded and used by many peoples.
    I really like the ‘Conclusion’ in your article. It summarize the article nicely.

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    You have nice way defined WordPress. It think it would help others whom searching for WordPress Definition.

    • I wrote it based on my experiences. I am trying to use a new method which is not only serving visitors with useful content as they wish but also motivate them to do something which I believe is good or positive. that’s the reason I wrote such definition.

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