December 2, 2023

Why Choose WordPress

In this article, we would like to explain important reasons why we recommend WordPress as blogging and Content Management System (CMS). We have used WordPress for Blogging, e-Commerce, Forum and much more for several years. Basically, we impressed with how WP work and write this post to share our experience. So, why choose WordPress?

WordPress is Simple

It has very simple interface which make any task so easy. Here are some benefits of its simplicity:

  1. Creating Post and Page are very easy. Just select ‘Post’ or ‘Page’ in left Navigation Bar and choose ‘Add New’. Add title, write some paragraphs, Choose suitable Category/Tags and click ‘Publish’. Simple isn’t it?
  2. It is easy to navigate. All features are accessible by selecting menu on left sidebar.
  3. Easy to manage. We could change all setting in admin Dashboard. All we need is choose suitable setting and click ‘Save Changes’.

WP designed with simplicity as main concern.

WordPress is easy to manage

It is quite easy to manage it because of these reasons:

  1. Easy to Update. WP could be updated easily by clicking ‘Update Now’ button in admin Dashboard whenever new update available. There is even automatic update which make it easily to update our blog without user interaction.
  2. Easy to Install and update plugins. It could be installed easily just by navigate to ‘Plugins’, click ‘Add New’ then search for available plugins and click ‘Install now’ button. Updating it is even easier. Just click update now from Plugins page and one or all plugins could be updated automatically.
  3. Easy to install and remove any themes. You could install any theme easily from ‘Appearance’ menu. You could select any free and popular themes from online repository or upload your own design. You may choose ‘Customize’ menu to change how your blog visible to visitor. Updating it is easier as you only need to click update button. You can save as much themes as possible in your WordPress installation. If you want to remove any of your themes, just click ‘Theme Details’ and ‘Delete’.

WordPress has awesome features

Here are some awesome features:

  1. Pretty Permalink. This is first feature which we really need. WP could transform ugly links into easy-to-remember links. A must have feature.
  2. Theme Preview. A handy feature to view any themes before using it as primary theme.
  3. Spam protection. WordPress has handy built-in plugin to prevent spam.
  4. WordPress is SEO-Friendly. It has internal system which make your blog get better ranking than others. WP is effective CMS which make it easy for any crawlers to better index and categorize your site.

There are much more features you would find it useful. Just try it by yourself and you will enjoy using WordPress.

WordPress uses Plugins

WP utilize plugins to extend its functionality. Plugins could dramatically improve performance of your site if used correctly. It also able to transform WP into another platform such as for Online Shop (e-Commerce), Forum (Discussion Board), Listing Sites (Article and Web Director) and much more. There are lots of plugins which developed by notable authors. WP is supported by huge selection of plugins which can be used free of cost.

Beautiful and handy Themes

WP Theme Preview
WordPress Theme Preview

There are so many themes which is designed especially for any purposes such as for Gaming Site, Personal Blogging, Business Page, Portfolio and much more. All of them available for free and could be customized as your wishes.

WordPress is efficient

WP uses less resources to fulfill the task. It only need small amount of memory and CPU usage if configured correctly. There is good reason why choose WP than other CMS. WP could handle million of posts without much noticeable slow down because it uses less query than others and able to cache the output. By using WordPress, the resources on the server would be used efficiently. In other words, WP is efficient and flexible.

WordPress is free

WordPress is available for everyone as free blogging and CMS platform. We can use it for any good purposes without need to pay it. Developing WordPress require much times and efforts. We should thanks developers for creating this awesome CMS.

Review Overview

WordPress is free
WP is optimized for SEO
It has lots of features
Uses plugins to enhance functionalty
Has internal Theme Preview
Has lots of awesome Themes and Plugins
WP uses less query call to database
Build on PHP with clean and efficient codes
Automatically update core system to latest version
WP updated frequently to maintain security and compatibility

Why use WordPress

Top important reasons to choose WordPress as favorite platform

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