December 2, 2023

About DevelopingWP.Com is simple site aiming to be the unique among the others. This blog would discuss about WordPress including but not limited to Plugins, Themes and some related topics on how to run WordPress nicely. Since WordPress depend on several factors (such as optimal server and stable software) to run smoothly, I would try to discuss about that too.

This site was registered and managed by Arick, a WordPress user whom used the CMS (Content Management Software) for more than five years. While using WordPress, I have found lots of interesting facts about it. Many peoples said WP (short-term for WordPress) is the best blogging platform in the internet. Well, I can’t deny WP is quite awesome but ‘The best blogging platform in the internet‘ maybe too much. Actually it depends on how we define ‘the best’. Some peoples said WP is designed to be SEO friendly and thus make it better than the others. Another peoples said WP has better usability and features among the others.

Well, for me, WP is just tool. Yes WordPress actually is good software developed by great developers. I have no doubt about it. In term of blogging and usability, WP offer very nice features which make most peoples happy.

However, not all peoples said WP is quite good for them. Most of them said WP is complicated and use lots of resources. Is that true? Well, it maybe true. Hmm, this discussion looks interesting.

Actually, WordPress depend on so many factors. WordPress allow everyone to use so many themes and plugins. While it sound good, it also lead to confusion. Peoples start using good-looking theme and various plugins and then they complaint WordPress uses lots of resources than other platforms. Is it true WordPress need lots of power and consume more resources? There are lots of answer for such question but I can guarantee if it was caused by the user failed to understand two main aspects: query calls by the theme/plugins (programming aspect) and simplicity elements (rendering aspect). Off course there are lots of thing which may cause the issue such as server didn’t meet requirements to run the CMS and some external factors as well.

This site would try to discuss about developing WordPress and unleash its potential to the maximum based on each scenario. Any information in this site is purely my opinion and I do aware my limited skills may make me unable to help the others. I welcome any opinion so if you have any idea, it is best to write it via comment form available in each post. If you want to, You may write message to me via contact us which is available in every pages. While it is nice to help the others, this blog is not designed to replace WordPress support forum. If you want to discuss or ask specific question, I recommend to visit WordPress Official forum. Thanks for reading this ‘About’ page.